Premature ejaculation is a symptom that affects millions of men, of all ages and races.  Many men are faced with dealing with premature ejaculation at some point in their life, though this is often an embarrassing and difficult topic to face. Men that experience this often wish they could last longer in bed.

Being able to last longer and enjoy sex with their partner would lead to a more healthy sex life. Thankfully there are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction, and there is help available.

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Types Of Premature Ejaculation

There are two main types of premature ejaculation; primary and secondary. Primary occurs when a man ejaculates without a minute of vaginal intercourse, and cannot delay orgasm. Secondary occurs when a man previously had a healthy sex life and didn’t experience any early ejaculation. Then, for some reason, he began to ejaculate very rapidly, either during foreplay or immediately after intercourse began. In either instance, being able to last longer in bed is what is sought.

Causes Of Ejaculating Too Fast

There are many things that could cause a man to ejaculate too early. Sometimes the cause is a biological one. For example, sometimes a man’s hormone levels are abnormal, which could lead to early ejaculations. Brain chemical levels could also be abnormal, or an inflamed or infected prostrate or urethra could be the source of the problem. Occasionally, early ejaculation is an inherited trait.

Most often, however, the source is psychological. There are many different factors that can be involved in a psychological reason for this problem. Some examples of this include a man who previously experienced situation in which he was rushed to reach climax quickly to escape the possibility of being discovered, and a man experienced guilty feelings in relation to sexual acts, which may cause him to hurry through sexual experiences. In either of these circumstances, a man could have been pushed to reach climax quickly, which could result in early orgasming later in life.

Still more psychological factors play a role in early ejaculating. For example, men who feel a great deal of concern about getting an erection or keeping an erection, or experiencing other symptoms of erectile dysfunction, may try to ejaculate quickly in order to get through sexual intercourse quickly, without losing an erection. This pattern of rushing through sex can be hard to change after it has been developed.

Additionally, many times men that are struggling with ejaculating too early are also dealing with anxiety in some are of their life. This anxiety may be coming from seeking a healthy sex life, or it could come from a variety of other areas, not related to sex at all.

Finally, if a man is experiencing, or has experienced, relationship problems, they may be causing ejaculation issues. This is likely the case for men who have enjoyed normal sexual relationships with past partners, and are now dealing with ejaculation problems with a new partner. Though many different causes exist, it is important to note that there are many types of treatments available.

Treatments For Premature Ejaculation

The cause of the disorder will play a role in determining what type of treatment is right. At times, doctors recommend a form of sex therapy in order to help a man last longer. Sex therapy can involve masturbating an hour or two before sex in order to delay orgasm. There are also different methods a man can use with a partner in order to delay ejaculation. Finally, there are medications available that can help treat biological causes, or can help with anxiety.

Premature Ejaculation Support Groups And Organizations

It can be very helpful to find other people who have struggled with similar issues when facing early ejaculation problems. The internet offers a number of different online organizations and support groups to help those that are struggling with these issues. There are many message boards and forums that allow men and couples struggling with ejaculation concerns the opportunity to talk to other people across the country and gain support and advice.

These options can also lead to opportunities to meet in person with one or more of these people who are dealing with the same problems. Men can exchange tips on how to last longer in bed, and can talk about what methods have worked, and which ones have not. This can help a man get results faster, in addition to being a way to feel more comfortable about dealing with the disorder.

Common Misconceptions About Premature Ejaculation

There are many misconceptions that exist about early ejaculation. Many people think that this is only something that very young men deal with, and that it is mostly limited to teenagers with very little sexual experience. In reality, any man can face these issues at some point in his life, and most men and couple do. Many men wish they could last longer, and are unsatisfied with their sex life.

Dealing with early ejaculation does not mean a man is inexperienced sexually or that he is incapable of satisfying his partner. Additionally, the solution to early ejaculation is not to just gain more sexual experience. Often, there are several added complications that are leading to the ejaculation issues, and more must be done than just gaining more sexual experience.

Learning how to delay orgasm and fight early ejaculation takes time, and likely involves consulting a doctor or other expert to find exactly what the best course of action is. There are many different causes of premature ejaculation, and many different treatment options available, depending on what specific cause a man has. No one should feel as though they must struggle with these issues alone.

Additionally, no man should feel helpless. inadequate, or ashamed when faced with early ejaculation issues. These problems are faced by countless men every day. They are serious issues that can have lasting complications on a man’s self esteem, and on his personal relationships. However, help is available. There is hope. Any man struggling with early ejaculation should immediately begin to look into the treatment options that are made available to him, and being to pursue one, so that he can once again enjoy his sex life.