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Improve sexual health by avoiding contaminated water.

While there are many things that you can do for your health, one of them that you might not think of  that can potentially benefit your sexual health is to avoid drinking from a contaminated water source.

If you live in a town or city where there are well stations maintained, each one of them  is tested regularly to ensure the water is “safe.” After doing some research on the trace minerals found in your water supply, you may come to the conclusion that the level of “safety” monitored in your water may differ to some degree to the levels you wish to set for your family, and yourself.

You can call your local municipality to find out what the allowable limits for contaminants in your water are. You can also usually find out exactly what the levels are for each of the contaminants listed, as per regular testing. All I had to do to find out was leave a message one weekend with some questions to my local public works; someone called me back early in the week with more info than I requested!

One contaminant that can adversely affect your sexual health is Arsenic. According to the article linked below, “Arsenic and Erectile Dysfunction: Drinking Contaminated Well Water Increases Risk,” by Kris Freeman, drinking water containing 50 or more ppb can lead to higher risk of cardiovasclar disease and male erectile disfunction.

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