Even if you’re not a literal one-minute man, there’s nothing wrong with seeking to improve. Sex is great, but great sex is awesome. Interested in lasting longer and going more rounds with the lady in your life? Add these foods to your diet and you just might turn yourself into “the one” your lady remembers for a very long time.

Of course, if you are suffering from actual premature ejaculation, it’s well past time to do something about it. There are a number of potential causes behind PE, including diet. The foods you eat affect everything from the growth of muscle to the chemistry of the brain. You’d be crazy to think your diet doesn’t impact your sexual health in any way.

Is diet the sole cause of your problem? Probably not. Sexual health issues are rarely that simple. However, cleaning up your diet in combination with other techniques might be the ticket to fixing everything for good. It’s easy enough to modify your diet while exploring other options, so you might as well add it to your approach.

Trying the Natural Route First

Prescription medications do have their place in the battle against premature ejaculation, but I can totally relate with wanting to exhaust other avenues first. Food is cheap and you eat it every day already, so why not give it a shot?

The one thing to keep in mind is that foods affect us all differently and there aren’t any conclusive studies showing that any single food has a major impact on sexual performance. It’s not like these foods were designed in labs with the sole purpose of improving your sex life. You’ll want to look into something like VigRX Plus if you’re dying for a solution right now.

If it’s not an emergency, the natural way is worth a shot. If it works, you’ve just improved your sex life for cheap! If not, well, at least you mixed up your diet a little and ruled out one potential cause of PE. There are still other avenues to address the issue.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

Foods You Should Eat

You should modify your diet to accomplish two goals: specifically improve your sexual function and improve your overall health. Achieving both of these goals will have positive effects even if food alone doesn’t completely solve your problem.

Bananas tango


It’s tough to think of a more apt metaphor for sexual health than the banana. It’s true though – bananas are excellent for improving male sexual function and lasting longer in bed.

They provide the energy and nutrients your body needs to perform better in the sack. Add a banana or two to your daily diet.

Bananas contain Vitamin B and Potassium which both play a very important roles in the body’s ability to make sex hormones. When a mans body has what it needs to produce male sex hormones, he will have a lot better chance of lasting longer in the bedroom.

Can a Banana improve your sexual health?

The answer may suprise you.

It’s true. Bananas are actually one of the best foods you can eat to help you make sure you last longer in bed. Not to mention, banana is one of natures most complete foods.

One reason bananas are good for sexual health and enhance the male libido is that they are an excellent source of potassium. Potassium is a mineral found naturally in bananas.  Eating bananas because of their high potassium content will be an excellent choice for a guy that just wants to eat some fruit that might help him be a little healthier.

If I could try to accomplish anything today besides making sure that I am still breathing, have food, and water it would be to maintain healthy blood pressure and circulation. — That is exactly what eating a banana or two a day can do for me. It is a perfect food!

Bananas contain Vitamin B and Potassium which both play a very important roles in the body’s ability to make sex hormones. When a mans body has what it needs to produce male sex hormones, he will have a lot better chance of lasting longer in the bedroom.

Along with potassium, bananas contain other minerals essential to a healthy diet such as calcium and magnesium. Many other minerals that can be found in bananas are essential in the body’s functions of synthesis and reproduction.



Kava tea and supplements have long been used to treat anxiety and aid in relaxation. For most men, anxiety plays at least some role in premature ejaculation. Add a little kava to your diet to aid in relaxation and help break the cycle of stress that leads to PE.

Eventually, you may be able to wean yourself off kava as you have successful sexual encounters and gain the confidence you need to perform on YOUR terms. Weaning yourself off kava is a smart move too because some studies have linked kava overuse with liver toxicity.


Asparagus Root

Asparagus root is used in the treatment of a variety of disorders from joint pain to constipation, and is a very healthy food overall – plus it tastes good!

Asparagus is also used to increase urine output and alleviate sexual dysfunction in general, I recommend grilling it with some butter and pepper on it.  Yum!



It almost sounds self-defeating to turn to aphrodisiacs to treat premature ejaculation. What you need to remember is that the “sexual overexcitement” you see when you cum too early is just a symptom.

The deeper problem is most likely rooted in performance anxiety and low libido. When you increase your libido and increase your confidence, you decrease a whole range of sexual dysfunctions that plague mankind.

A few recommended aphrodisiacs include:

  • Chocolate – Chocolate has been recognized among many cultures as an aphrodisiac. Early accounts of using chocolate for performance enhancement can be found in the history of human civilizations starting about 1500 years ago, such as the Mayans and Aztecs who made a bitter drink from the beans of the cocoa plant.Studies have shown that eating chocolate can potentially cause a woman to release more endorphins than if she had just engaged in a passionate kiss.  Chocolate literally causes our bodies to release same chemicals as the body does when a person is having sex. Eating chocolate increases dopamine and biflavanoids.
  • Basil – This delicious sweet leaf is  known to stimulate the sex drive, otherwise called “libido,”and additionally boosts fertility levels. Basil contains many trace minerals which can help you maintain good sexual performance.  This leafy herb also is a great food which promotes circulation when it is eaten, and its not hard to see how that would help with maintaining an erection.
  • Ginger
  • Nutmeg
  • Garlic Cloves
  • Lady’s Finger
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Ginseng

If you decide to use supplements to add any of these compounds to your diet, make sure you check with a doctor first. Some of these extracts interact with some medications. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to get your doctor involved in your search for a remedy.


Eating watermelon can improve your sex life. This sweet and enticing fruit is not only a tasty snack or addition to any meal, it is also serve as a natural performance enhancer.

Not only does watermelon make a healthy summertime snack, it also has some nice sexual  health benefits. Some who eat watermelon may achieve enhanced sexual intercourse within a short time after eating. The reason this fruit can help you last longer in the bedroom by supplying nutrients that cause your body to increase blood flow “down there.”

Watermelon contains a substance called “citruline.”Citruline is a nutrient which can trigger enzyme production in the human body which will result in increased blood flow to the genital area in both males and females.

Although citruline is a mild stimulant(weaker than caffeine), it has also been shown to help decrease blood pressure. This is because it is a “vasodillator.” Basically, what that means is watermelon can help you open the “blood gates” when you are looking for blood flow, where you want it to go.

Some of you who work out may be familiar with the terms, “vasodillator,” or “hemodillator.” If you have ever looked at or taken supplements that are designed to achieve similar results for the purpose of enhancing performance in the gym, or during strenuous athletic activity, here is a natural way for you to supplement. This time we are looking at how it can help you gain health improvements and and enhanced sexual performance.


This seed-bearing fruit contains a wealth of nutrients that are known to maintain and improve not only sexual health but also cardiovascular health as well.  The Avocado was once eaten by the Aztecs, to increase prowess, as a ‘fertility fruit.’  The Aztecs called the avocado tree “Ahuacuatl,” which in English means: “Testicle tree.”  Not surprisingly, once the Catholic Priests of Spain found out about this, ‘fertility fruit,’ fruit so obscenely sexual, that they forbid it

What makes eating Avocados beneficial to mens sexual health?

Okay, here is a bunch of information I gathered for you on the nutrients that can be found beneficial to ones sexual health, and maybe even help you last longer while having sex.

There are both Libido  and performance enhancing nutrients found in Avocado:

  • Fiber- healthy for circulation, healthy prostate.
  • Vitamin C may contribute to decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes through a small reduction in systolic blood pressure.

Fotherby, Martin; Williams, Julie; Forster, Louise; Craner, Paul; Ferns, Gordon (2000). “Effect of vitamin C on ambulatory blood pressure and plasma lipids in older persons”. Journal of Hypertension 18 (4): 411–5.

  • Folate- Can support healthy blood flow, , good homocysteine levels and is good all around for cardiovascular function.
  • Potassium- Needed for sex hormone production
  • Glutathione- This is a Major androgenous antioxidant produced by the cells, works directly in the neutralization of free radicals, along with reactive oxygen compounds, and maintains exogenous antioxidants such as vitamins C and E in their reduced (active) forms. this is an important thing to get to maintain other sexual health related vitamin levels in the body.

This nutrient also aids in the Regulation of the bodies nitric oxide cycle, is critical for life.
Vitamin C- Vitamin C can potentially contribute to  lowing your risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes, and in turn helping to keep or regain your sexual health through a small reduction in systolic blood pressure.

Stryer, Lubert (1995). Biochemistry, 4th Edition. W.H. Freeman and Company. pp. 732.

Vitamin E: It is known that women should eat avocados, rich in vitamin E, so that they stay moist “down there”and can use it intra-vaginally (using bottled oil) for lubrication.

Scholz RW. Graham KS. Gumpricht E. Reddy CC. Mechanism of interaction of vitamin E and glutathione in the protection against membrane lipid peroxidation. Ann NY Acad Sci 1989:570:514-7. Hughes RE. Reduction of dehydroascorbic acid by animal tissues.Nature 1964:203:1068-9.

  • Glutathione can help the body to detoxify quite a few carcinogens (foreign compounds) and xenobiotics, organic and inorganic. This is including heavy metals like: mercury, lead, and arsenic
  • Vitamin B6- A helpful nutrient for maintaining hormones at the proper level ?n the human body, which is a must if you want to last long and perform in the bedroom

Clementi, Emilio; Brown, Guy Charles; Feelisch, Martin; Moncada, Salvador; Bugg, S; O’Connell, MJ; Goldsbrough, PB; Cobbett, CS (1999). “Phytochelatin synthase genes from Arabidopsis and the yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe”. The Plant cell 11 (6): 1153–64

Pumpkin Seeds

A man who wishes to maintain his sexual health can find male E.D  less troublesome by making sure that he gets enough of the essential minerals he needs every day.  Pumpkin seeds are  important because they are one of not too many foods that  are a good source of zinc. Testosterone production is vital in men, especially when it comes to lasting longer in bed.

Pumpkin seeds are a healthy snack, not only do the provide a good dietary source for zinc. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital to  maintaining male sexual health and wellbeing. This is the kind of food you wont feel guilty about eating! Throw pumpkin seeds in your next sexual enhancing snack!

Goji Berries

In Asia, goji berries are known for their sex enhancing potential. These berries will increase testosterone levels. Testosterone increase in the body is known to stimulate libido in both men and women. The other great beneficial effects: overall stamina, mood and wellbeing, all of which are vital for maintaining an optimum sexual lifestyle. This is definitely one of the foods that can truly help you to last longer in bed.

Beautiful brunette girl eating fresh salad

Healthy Foods in General

Your efforts in finding a cure will be magnified if you improve your diet for the better all-around. Try to get away from all the processed, pre-made foods and prepare things yourself with ingredients that can be found in nature. Get a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables and meat.

A healthier diet gives you more energy, boosts confidence and improves the mood. All of these things can improve your sexual function. And that’s not to mention all the other non-PE health benefits that come from keeping a healthy diet.

Foods You Should Avoid

These may not fit the dictionary definition of “food” but you put them in your body and they contribute to PE. Cut these substances out of your diet completely if possible. Otherwise, limit your intake as much as you can stand.

Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco

Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are all linked to decreased libido and a whole host of sexual problems. And no, you don’t want to resort to alcohol to reduce sensitivity. It might work once or twice, but regular alcohol intake lowers libido and increases daily anxiety.

Basically, you want your body to be running on all cylinders. Cut all the crap out of the system for an engine that runs better and performs as it should.


Caffeine is great for short bursts of energy, but the fall-off is steep and leaves you feeling erratic. The end result is you have less control over your climax. Fix your diet and you won’t even need caffeine.

Processed Foods

What I mean by “processed” foods are grocery items that were already baked, cooked or put together by someone. If it has a list of ingredients on the back, it was processed by someone else. Try to stick to foods that come straight out of the ground or an animal. Meat, vegetables, fruits, legumes and things of that nature are what you want.

Processed foods tend to make you feel bloated, sluggish and tired. What you want is to feel light, energetic and healthy. You can take my word for it on this one. I got very into healthy eating a few years ago and my quality of life improved dramatically.

In Conclusion:

If you have ever asked yourself which foods help with male e.d, or what you can eat to stay harder and last longer while having sex, bookmark this page for future reference.  “Sexual superfoods” can increase your libido and have a positive effect on performance.

There are many natural alternatives to taking pills to help with a deficiency in your sexual health. A decision you can make today that will benefit your sexual health is to commit to eat more fresh food and produce.

The right knowledge of what foods to eat and what to stay away from can help you prolong your sexual health, and that can help you choose foods that can potentially improve how long you can engage in sexual intercourse before losing your erection.

Simply adding more fresh raw foods to your diet will improve your health in many ways, but here are some food that, if eaten in combination on a regular basis, may truly improve your sex life and allow you to put off a visit to the doctors office.

Some changes you can make to  your diet will produce a change in performance almost immediately, such as when eating food with a large amount of cayenne pepper. Other foods known to improve sexual performance could take days, or months to notice results.

Certain foods, like peanuts, contain naturally occurring trace of substances, such as L-arganine and other specific fats and amino acids. Consuming foods high in good fats (unsaturated fats, like omega 3?s just to name one)  can start improve your libido by giving the body what it needs to produce enough testosterone.

What you eat certainly affects sexual health, and increases or decreases a your chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction in a variety of different ways. Lets think of it this way, we know there are foods that help keep your body healthy enough to do what it needs to do, and there are foods that will start to change how well your body can perform all the functions it does for the worse.