Eating Watermelon Can Improve Your Sex Life

Hey everyone! Brian, here again. I hope your summer time is treating you well. While everyone is out trying to look and perform their best, are you right where you should be? Maybe you feel that you are, but a little help would definitely not be hurting anyone, eh?

While you are enjoying your time outdoors, or wherever you may find a spice of life, you can count on us at to fill you in on valuable insights to help you perform your best when it is none other than the the “time to impress!”
Today, let us take a look at a special  fruit called watermelon!

This sweet and enticing fruit is not only a tasty snack or addition to any meal, it is also serve as a natural performance enhancer.  For those who would like to maximize blood-flow throughout their body, especially in the love making department, YES! I highly suggest reading the rest of this post.

Not only does watermelon make a healthy summertime snack, it also has some nice sexual  health benefits. Some who eat watermelon may achieve enhanced sexual intercourse within a short time after eating. The reason this fruit can help you last longer in the bedroom by supplying nutrients that cause your body to increase blood flow “down there.”
Watermelon contains a substance called “citruline.”

Citruline is a nutrient which can trigger enzyme production in the human body which will result in increased blood flow to the genital area in both males and females!

Although citruline is a mild stimulant(weaker than caffeine), it has also been shown to help decrease blood pressure. This is because it is a “vasodillator.” Basically, what that means is watermelon can help you open the “blood gates” when you are looking for blood flow, where you want it to go.

Some of you who work out may be familiar with the terms, “vasodillator,” or “hemodillator.” If you have ever looked at or taken supplements that are designed to achieve similar results for the purpose of enhancing performance in the gym, or during strenuous athletic activity, here is a natural way for you to supplement. This time we are looking at how it can help you gain health improvements and and enhanced sexual performance.

You can fly into that barbecue- “under the radar, and ready to fire,” nobody is going to be popping any pills or giving away any secrets this time, unless you chose to reveal the source of your “confidence.”

More excellent reasons for consuming watermelon as a snack, or a healthy desert:
Watermelon is a superior source of “Living water.”  Taking this type of water into your body is extremely healthy. It is the healthiest water you can possibly take in, hands down.

  • Each watermelon holds, on averge,  92% of its weight from “Living Water”.
  • Because of the high water content of the watermelon, this is a very healthy, if not one of the healthiest sources of water that you can possibly find.
  • There is no water that is agreed to be healthier for ingestion than “Living Water” which is essentially “filtered” naturally by mother earth, then safely stored in its living “container” for as long as the watermelon’s shelf life .