One of the easiest ways to quickly prolong ejaculation is to put on a condom – any condom. It helps reduce the intense sensation of going ‘au natural’ and, therefore, helps you last longer. However, even though any condom can be used, some condoms will only prolong ejaculation for a moment or two, while others that are known as ‘last longer condoms’ can do much more than that.

Two main brands compete in the market, Trojan and Durex, I tried both and personally preferred the Durex brand.

I should mention that if you are considering wearing two condoms to desensitize you and last longer, then consider this first: if you and your partner have not been tested for STD’s and you do not want to have a child for the rest of your life, then doubling up on condoms is a very bad idea. The two condoms are not going to stick together like glue; instead, they will rub against each other, and the likelihood of them breaking is very high. Do not risk your health or a pregnancy just to reduce sensation.

There are some condoms that are thicker than average. They will help prolong the experience even longer than a normal condom. Any condom that is labeled ‘extra strong’ or ‘extra safe’ or ‘extended pleasure’ is going to be thicker than your average condom and will help you last longer. For example, Lifestyles Extra Strength condoms are .09 mm thick whereas Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive are .074 mm. Compare that to Trojan Bare Skin, which are .046 mm and you can see there is quite a difference between condoms.

The results for prolonged ejaculation are varied with thicker condoms. Some men say that it does nothing to prolong ejaculation while others say that it does a great job at helping them hold off for double or triple their normal time.

The great thing about thicker condoms is that there will still be some sensation for you. They do not numb your penis; they just provide an extra barrier to help desensitize the feeling.

However, if you really want to last longer then you may be tempted to reach for a condom that contains a lubricant such as Benzocaine, a local anesthetic. If you are going to use these condoms, then ensure you put it on about a minute before engaging in penetration because the numbing sensation does not work instantly.

Once the anesthetic takes effect, you will feel the tip of your penis start to go numb. How much longer you can last depends on your reaction to the lubricant. Some men experience an intense numbness, where they can feel nothing at all. Some men still feel some sort of sensation, although not very strong. Some men can last 2-3 times longer while other men can last 5-10 times longer. The common denominator is that they help you last longer on some level.

I have not seen anyone complain about the effectiveness of these condoms to prolong ejaculation. However, I have heard of men that are completely unable to ejaculate with these on. In addition, some men have accidentally got the numbing lubricant inside their partner, which caused her to go numb, and that ended the pleasure for her (and him) very quickly.

In short, be careful when putting these condoms on to prevent her from going numb, and wash off the lubricant after sex or the numbing sensation will be prolonged.

In the end, doubling up on condoms to last longer is a big no-no, don’t do it. However, even though every guy seems to experience it differently, buying ‘last longer condoms’ such as thicker condoms or condoms that contain a numbing lubricant can help you last longer in bed.