Can a Banana help me last longer?

Can a Banana improve your sexual health?

When you are in the produce section at the food store, How could I ask a question like this?

The last thing anyone will ask the person tending the produce at the food store is, “what kind of fruits will help to increase my libido?” “What kinds of fruit will increase my overall sexual performance?”

I mean, really, who is going to walk up to the girl stocking bananas, then ask her if its really true that they will help you last longer in bed? —

And how many of those situations  could end with both people feeling comfortable about it?!

Maybe, if the “banana girl” is checking out your “banana” you could see it as  a ‘green light’ to fire away the “pick up line” version of the questions we are trying to ask here? Hey good luck with that, Champ.

She might just be staring in the general direction of your “junk” and have something stuck in her eye; she could just be staring off into space.

So if you are “up” for it, there is a chance that you could easily end up making an ass of yourself. Maybe you’d get lucky?–And, if you do…will bananas help you “last longer in bed?” when the banana girl is yours?

The answer may suprise you.

Its true. Bananas do make you last longer. They are actually one of the best foods you can eat to help you make sure you last longer in bed. Not to mention, banana is one of natures most complete foods.

One reason bananas are good for sexual health and enhance the male libido is that they are an excellent source of potassium. Potassium is a mineral found naturally in bananas.  Eating bananas because of their high potassium content will be an excellent choice for a guy that just wants to eat some fruit that might help him be a little healthier.

If I could try to accomplish anything today besides making sure thatv I am still breathing, have food, and water it would be to maintain healthy blood pressure and circulation. — That is exacly what eating a banana or two a day can do for me. It is a perfect food!

Bananas contain Vitamin B and Potassium which both play a very important roles in the body’s ability to make sex hormones. When a mans body has what it needs to produce male sex hormones, he will have a lot better chance of lasting longer in the bedroom.

Along with potassium, bananas contain other  minerals essential to a healthy diet such as calcium and magnesium. Many other minerals which can be found in banana are essential in the bodies functions of synthesis and reproduction.

Here is one last thought I can give you today:

I wonder, due to claims of male e.d. being treated effectively with low doses of prozac–Can  tryptophan in a banana can have an immediate effect on how long a man can last in bed, with a similar effect as low dose of anti depressant?