A Sexually Embarassing Moment

Ok folks, I have to tell you a story about something that happened to me a while back. I am a guy who loves sex. Although there are parts of this story to be proud of, they are the reason I am writing this. I kind of embarrassed myself the other night.

A couple I know invited me over for some bedtime fun, since the lady likes the way I lay the “pipe down.” Seriously. She always turns me on, and I have never had a problem lasting in bed with her. As a matter of fact, usually I get so hard by being turned on by her that she’s usually ready to quit before I am ready to cum. That being the case, when I have sex with her usually I have to literally make myself cum just to be decent and move along.

The other night kind of took me by surprise. They invited me over and didn’t tell me that his wife’s girlfriend was taking part in the fun. Both of the gals are hot, but this lady was smoking hot. The second I started having sex with her, I was saying to myself  “oh no, this feels way too good.” I felt like I was going to blow my load almost instantly, and I could not stop it.  Holy Shit; that was even with the desensitization of having a condom on. I know what “got me” was the fact that she was so tight and wet.

Sorry for saying this Ladies, but some women just “feel” better than others. Between the excitement of encountering a surprise visitor and the fact that this woman felt so good to be inside of, I soon gave her my warm “surprise” while laughing at myself out loud for totally losing control. I found myself feeling somehow out of practice, as if unready for sex as a sport.

Although I did do well in the second round, I wished there was something I could do so if I ever found myself in this position with a sex partner – I don’t embarrass myself again. I might be able to learn to control myself, so I avoid that when it really does feel that good.

After having this happen to me, I did some research online about premature ejaculation and lasting longer in bed. What I found was that there are quite a few ways out there that men have reported success with, but I wanted to try something that was a sure thing. The two things that I came up with that sounded worth my while right off the bat were the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, and a supplement that I tried out called Vig-RX.

My take on the Fleshlight

I liked the Fleshlight idea, because essentially it was a training tool that very closely mimicked the feel of having sex with that lady that had me laughing at myself for being a “minute man.” I know one way to “practice” is just to masturbate and learn to control myself, but I didn’t think that was going to be enough; if a “next time” were to ever arise where I might be able to redeem myself, I wanted to be “practiced” and ready. Since starting with the STAMINA TRAINING UNIT, it has allowed me to practice and I have been able to increase how long I can last. Although I have not had the chance to be with that lady again, if nothing else I feel more prepared to give her a better “first round.”

All in all, I would say the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a great tool. For one, if you are the kind of person who does not like to take anything unnatural, even if it is a supplement, you don’t have to take any magic jelly beans to get what is good from using this great sexual stamina training tool. I don’t know about you, but if that’s what the woman I spend the rest of my life with feels like – I would like to do what I can to make sure I please her before the end of the day.

The scoop on VigRX PLUS

I threw caution to the wind and just gave it a shot. The VIGRX PLUS that I tried caught me by surprise. This stuff gave me more wood than I knew what to do with. The first time I tried VIGRX, even the thought of sex had me sprung to a point where it was embarrassing to walk into a store quick. I was really that hard. “Pitching a huge tent,” sitting in my car, and wondering how I was going to go in there!  Finally, since I had two layers of shirts on and I was wearing a waist-cut jacket, I decided to point my “man” up instead of down and just go in with a hard-on.

Once I got my mind on something else, I was able to succeed in my “down boy” attempts. Once I got with my lady, it was game-on. I have no doubt that this supplement was the reason I lasted longer and stayed harder throughout intercourse.

No, the gal I tried it with was not the gal that had me feeling like a minute-man. However, since I tried it, I have definitely been under the impression when I have taken the VIGRX that it has been contributing to how hard my erections feel and how long that I am lasting on average. I can only speak for myself; If you are just trying something like this for the first time recreationally, and you don’t really have that much of an issue in bed, you may find yourself having marathon sex. On top of that there is a pretty good chance after taking it the night before, you will be waking up hornier than ever and wanting to do it all over again. Hopefully she’s not too sore from the night before.